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  • 문장 bear
    1. Myself will bear [ …] coportion of your pack. — Spenser.
    2. *bʰer- is the e-grade of the root meaning 'to carry, bear'.
    3. to bear a grudge against someone
    4. Joe-Bob and Nelly swore up and down that the thing that pushed their pick-up into the ditch wasn't a big brown bear, but a spectral ha'nt, most likely Joe-Bob's deceased ex-wife.
    5. He flung subtle jibes at her until she couldn't bear to work with him any longer.
    6. Lord Henry Wotton could just catch the gleam of the honey-sweet and honey-coloured blossoms of a laburnum, whose tremulous branches seemed hardly able to bear the burden of a beauty so flame-like as theirs[.]
    7. To my sister, Kristen, who wears the badge of motherhood with pride and inspires people to love without reservation, without judgment, without fear. She is a mama bear and a wonder to watch in action!
  • 문장 bore
    1. 1997: Well, of course, one must manipulate the various Screw-Settings precisely, read the Nonius, and an hundred other details besides I’d but bore you with — Thomas Pynchon Mason & Dixon
    2. For the average Vegas spender or showgoer, a bore. His musical sound with a combo of three is uncouth, matching to a great extent the lyric content of his nonsensical songs.
    3. Okay. I'm a bit of a Snape bore, & have read most of the good and bad ones that come out on ff.net. Here's a biased account of which I think are good. [ …] 'I was Right' by Earthwalk. Widely considered the best Snapefic ther[sic] is.
    4. “Project Greenlight,” however, bore down on the soft underbelly of the movie business, focusing on the delusions and colossal blunders of first-time directors, seemingly selected as much for their unlovability as their talent.
    5. And goon to vigilyes al bifore, And have a mantel royalliche y-bore.
    6. Thou knowest my old ward; here I lay, and thus I bore my point.
    7. She still bore the scars of a very conflictive divorce, which made her wary of making any new commitment.
    8. The front of the podium bore the presidential seal.
    9. His loudly verbalized beliefs marked him as an ignorant bore.
  • 문장 bare
    1. a bare majority
    2. Don't show your bare backside in public.
    3. a room bare of furniture
    4. The cupboard was bare.
    5. The walls of this room are barewhy not hang some paintings on them?
    6. The trees were left bare after the swarm of locusts devoured all the leaves.
    7. It's bare money to get in the club each time, man.
    8. This porno's bare whack, bruv.
    9. He finally came back to himself and asked why the furor. "Why," Lucy said, "because this is Christmas Eve. We have bare enough time to get ready for the ball, after dinner, as it is."
    10. Meals on early space flights were bare-bones affairs; able to supply nutrition, but severely lacking in palatability.
  • 문장 born
    1. Despite having been born in Scotland, he spoke French accentlessly.
    2. I've never seen such an ugly man in all my born days.
    3. Among elephants, it is the females who are the born politicians, cultivating robust and lifelong social ties with at least 100 other elephants, a task made easier by their power to communicate infrasonically across miles of savanna floor.
    4. He spoke French natively, having been born there, and English almost as well.
    5. Some children were born out of wedlock.
    6. But this stance is not born of some French-fried patriotism, or some urge to peripatetically wander the countryside.
    7. Savingly born of water and the Spirit. — Waterland.
    8. [ … ] Mr. Leleux (born Robert O’Doole) pushes his luck to make them sound superhumanly snappy.
    9. He lives within five miles of where he was born.
  • 문장 bears
    1. That ruling bears upon our application.
    2. The dubious state of the whole society bears witness of years of misrule
    3. My dog always chews up my daughter's teddy bears.
    4. It bears the image of a man etched with the sefirot, the 10 divine attributes, and the legend “Ein Sof,” the kabbalah term for the infinite substance of creation (or for God himself, depending on the context).
    5. Among extant carnivores, such a rotatory fibula is known in bears and cats for instance and, among Hyaenodontidae, a rotary fibula is known in Hyaenodon, although Hyaenodon shows clear adaptations to cursoriality as well.
    6. Miss Porter bears testimony, like every one else who knew him, to his greatheartedness no less than to his genius.
    7. Unless you’re glamping – which, let’s face it, bears little relation to camping bar the fact that the two words rhyme – there are a few bits of essential kit you’ll need: sleeping bag and mat, tent, headtorch and suncream.
  • 문장 borne
    1. No man has been at greater straits than I, and has borne more pinching poverty and hardship; but nobody can say of me that, if I had a guinea, I was not free-handed with it, and did not spend it as well as a lord could do.
    2. For blood vessel-borne metastasis, disseminated tumor cells (DTCs) intravasate into blood vessels and survive in the circulation.
    3. They are characterized by hyaline, ellipsoid, oblong, reniform, allantoid to suballantoid conidia borne on a single locus on monophialidic conidiogenous cells.
    4. If climate-change predictions that involve an increase of temperature together with reductions in precipitation are borne out, the result will be a severe reduction of suitable areas for mallines in NW Patagonia [11 ,12 ].
    5. In teleosts, spleen is an important haematopoietic organ where melanomacrophages phagocytise and detain blood-borne antigens for a long period of time [43 ].
    6. The apertures of the tympanic membrane and the subtympanic foramen were selected as reasonable vectors for air-borne sound energy, and the surface areas of these apertures (A x ) were measured.
  • 문장 bearing
    1. They support their argument with elaborate engravings from the Messak bearing chiroform patterns resembling the "open woman".
    2. His compositions, mostly bearing Yiddish titles and klezmerlike scales, made ingenious use of them.
    3. It seems too much like a great tree, beautiful, symmetrical, and full of leaves, but raised or desired only for fruit, yet bearing little, and some of that little not of good quality, but knurly or bitter.
    4. The Luxury model has a hood ornament bearing the tristar emblem, like other Mercedes sedans.
    5. I obtained my first view of a lunar city. It was built around a crater, and the buildings were terraced back from the rim, the terraces being generally devoted to the raising of garden truck and the principal fruit-bearing trees and shrubs.
    6. This flow overlies fossil vertebrate-bearing volcaniclastic sediments that include a grayish-black vitric tuff that may be correlative with the unit A1 tuff at Dmanisi.
    7. Adzukis need 118 days to start bearing.
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